The despair7

He passed by her
He found one there
He stopped by
He found her lay
He stopped by
He asked to be forgiven
He argued to be come
Accept signs must be given
To return by him at once
She said "she was old
And can't be a heavy load
At your hearts
You must return home
Alone and stay beside your love
She loved you from a heart
And you can't find that love"
He said "she said
"She didn't want me
As I am the reason
To be away from your home
And she lived with me
You can live at her home"
He continued "she cried
She didn't eat
She leaved me alone
Come and tell your demand
We will let you"
When she entered a home
When she saw her
They met at fast
They cried a lot
They hanged each other
They talked a lot
By using deaf assigns
The old accepted to stay
They live there with happy
The roses became more
The green covered everywhere
 The calm was appeared
And the time passed with way
Of peace that their stay
Till the deaf was disappeared
She went to exam her pregnancy
She didn't return in away
They searched every where
At hospitals, police stations everywhere
They found no one there