The despair 9

They couldn't talk
The old screamed
She lay at land
She lost her hope
She found all black
The man was locked
His legs were stopped
He bent to the wall
He couldn't talk
The servant ran
The nurse came with a smile  
She said "your wife is here
She will complete her care"
The man looked with astonishment
He looked as he had a punishment
He looked like a mad
Loosing his mind
Saying with hesitate
You mean mine
She still alive"
She said" yes she is"
He was happy
Like a child found his mummy
After long time of unhappy
That she might be in a way
Absence and be away
Who can return the lost?
Who can after long absent?
He waked the old
She waked with crying
He said "don't do
We must go
She is alive
Still have life"
They entered hers
He bright with their
Her face was shine
Her smiled was increased
But she still had sad
She moved her hands
They moved toward
Like a fast wind
She told by hands
"I still have life
My age is tall
Than any tall"
She smiled a lot
But the sad is appeared
Like a wave at bad
She looked very sad
She bit her lips
From suffering pains
She shacked a lot
She asked them
To catch her hands
They were squeezed
She screamed with trying
To low her sounds
She hanged their hands strong
She put them at her chest
Her fingers grasped hard
They felt their blood
Move slowly at their hand
Theirs converted to color
Of dark blue
They knew she suffered
They went to get their hands
Free to get a help
She hanged them strong
And fially she saw her bright
She untied her fingers
Her smile increased a bright
Then her tooth appeared at white
Then she went,went
She had dead