The despair 11

He went to the edge
He looked down ward
He heard a whisper
Come under in deeper
Beyond, beyond his legs
Saw her face at brilliant
Looked with her elegant
Moving his two hands
Asking about his health
Telling she was good
She was cured of pains
She leaves up at heaven
The sky was all fallen
With stars that was shown
At great photo of love
She felt those over enough
She felt with happiness
The suffering was tough
There was suffer above
The love governed above
The enemy was gone
The devil was not seen
The angels were cursing
They greeted every faithful
Their faces were beautiful
You can't imagine how a wonderful!
Life was so easy
Ill was so away
Health is so fully
She would be told
That she would speak
She will surely talk
He will hear her
He was her faith love
She saw his roses fully
Colored and red clearly
The hearts would be showed  
 She saw every heart
She new the best or the worst
She could feel who trust
At his speech and talk
Or he spoke with liars
His colors around their faces
Changed and could be noticed
She waved her hands
"why do not you follow me?
Her to live with me
Her at heaven with happy"
He said "yes! Tell me!"
She said "that is easy!
Only jump at that holy
River crossing kindly
Come and touch him safely
You will not suffer again"
He said "but I will dead"
She said "why do you greet me?
First you understand me
Second you heard med
I can talk and speak!"
He jumped up
The crowds felt with their hearts
That he might fall dawn word
The officer went and hurried
He returned with the old
She ran as she could
She said after she was told
"Boy don't hear that
Don't follow that
Who appeared was devil
He came was all evil"
The crowd became greatest
The man stood at straight
Decided impotent thing
He would certainly jump
The crowd said at loud
The crowd was there in spite of cold
The crowd was there in spite of time
In spite of unsafe at the land
They said "stop ,stop"
The mst of them cried