The despair 12

When he looked at water
He saw her face smile
He could see her smile
Her sound was light
It was heard as a harmony
Come from a heart to heart
In direct, with clear way
He could see her brilliant
He understood, he understood
The old said "come don't look
Those are the devils
Want you to be in hell
They must not be heard
I loved her more
I loved her than you
But she had gone
But I know she was a bove
At the high sky as the sun
We surely will meet again
At the most justice one
This is our god
He invited you to be patient
He invited you to thank him
He invited you to obey him"
He said "who?
I knew myself at first
My luck was so dearest
And my way is the hardest
My time is the heaviest
And my life is the weakness
Why does he do that?"
The old said "return your God
You still a live
Your had time enough
To begin a new life
You still younger
You have a power
To be at the top
Of all your hope
Thank him for he creates
Thanks him for your health
Thanks him for he knows
You with her in holy tie
Between your heats"
He said "but she's gone
She is so far
Nonsense ,nonsense"
She said "no
She is still at your heart
Ccome and obey your god
Help the poor one
And give the thanks to her soul
To reach above at the heaven
Be reach to spend money
To build a home for stateless
To build hospital for sick persons
To spread the happy for lovers
By helping them achieving their wishes
By helping them to be married
By chasing the sadness
Appears at the orphans' faces
Cultivate the happy at the hearts
Surely you will gain it with success"