The despair 8

They searched for her
They searched everywhere
They returned empty hands
They found only dreams
They filled with sadness
The door was knocked
One entered with hurried
She said with sadness
"The deaf one was found
Lay beside some walls
They were very ill
She asked to see you
She wrote your names
And told us your address
They went at speed
They found her in bad
They learnt what she had
She got very ill
The ill was so advanced
The doctor found her at bad
They looked at hers
She still an angel face
Her beauty were so shine
The entire music still heard
Her sweet soul were done
They felt it as it was played
She slowly her eyes
She could finally smile
The roses at end were colored
With beauty refulgent
She moved her hands in slow sound
"how, how had you found?
Me after all days
After my absence"
He tried to hide his tears
He said at shaking hands
"the moon could disappear
Who can prevent sun rays?
We are happy to get you again
How you imagine we can bear
Absence for years
The seconds was counted as years
When you away."
The old moved hands with sad"
You will be cured
You will return to your past
Play, shout, and collect
More wealth and will not talk
Or recognize me as I am poor"
She smiled and suffered with pains
Then she lost her conscious
They hurried to the doctors
The pains covered them
The pain got them sick
They got very troubled
They could not talk
Then they collect their brave
"What had she got?" said the man
The doctor said" she got ill
Her sick was late
And the cure was rare"
He felt unconscious
He was carried to wake
He was very weak
The old woman said!
"o! My hero wake up"
He couldn't be waked
He was carried to intensive care
They did more trials
Then he could be waked
He stopped with hard
He wanted to move
And see her again.
The old woman tried to slow
But he insisted to go
They stopped at her room
They found no one at
The servant came with sad
He said "your relative is dead"