The despair 13


The old woman said to him
With concerted eyes that reflect
The experience of days
Those may be best or worst
"Boy ,look to me
Gaze at me
I met all worst
My child who I cared
Love one and lived
At my home and accepted
My favor by putting
Me at older house
Then why we spend money
At the oldest woman
I was out by that
I found homeless
I lived her at street
My cover was the sky
My bed was the earth
My friends were the stars
My lovers were dogs
Cats, mice and insects
We made a completely net
Of tied friends can't be cut
And I lived with hope
Of meeting my dearest
At my God sit
And I will complain loud
To let all creatures hear sound
Come from deepest broken
Heart that can be repaired
And if you decide to be dead
Let's do it my truly child"
She put her legs up
With great difficult
 After some failed
, she succeeded
To be up the wall and looked
She said with loud
"oh !my lord
Be witness on my love
I love that guy as my child
And I will die with only him
As he deserved to do that
For lovely days and sweet"
She tried to throw herself
The man ran to save
He said between his tears
"no, no my dame
Let be complete our days"
They both completely hanged
For long times and closed
Their eyes to see the heavens
That was appeared and imagined
They could hear the angels
They belived that was the best
They heard the calling for dawn prayer
Came from beside mosque
They entered to pray
And thank God for save
When they were out
They met and checked
The old said "that is right
Remember me every light
Remember me every prayer
Remember me and smile"
She said with weaken voice
Let me for a while"
She stood beside
She leaned to wall side
She felt with silent
He called mom, mom aloud
She had actually dead