The despair 10

They felt with dizziness
What did they get?
They felt with lack of sense
They couldn't talk
They actually see the world
Wearing every black
The mountain was carried
Over their waken back
They felt with horrible attack
Was come at every side
The dragon was seen
Enormous at every tiny
The fly looked as mythical
The day liked the night
It looked very dark
There is no sign for a light
Every thing is awful
The world became horrible
And no kind can be
Why did our hearts suffer?
While every thing became darker
The dark appeared with danger
As terror couldn't be changed
The mind sound can be heard
The evil sound is loud
Who can change the fate
Now the time to be out
Of the world, the day and the time
Who bear those knocks
Led him to a horrible
The old was stopped
She stepped toward him
Saying with kind
"don't be sad"
He looked at her
Saying "be patient man"
He said "I don't want any help
I do not want any advice
Don't show me your face
Go, go and don't return"
The only woman cried
She heard her hearty was divided
She moved so slowly
As she felt she carried the world
Over her weaken back
They went not together
Man on site
The old at the other
After their lover was buried
They went on different sides
She went to her ancient
Beside the entrance of a building
He went also to the ancient
Beside the famous river
He stopped at the edge
Preparing to fell in
His life was not important
He felt as unimportant