the new year says

Come to happy
The new year begins
Who do you look sad
The passed year might say
Bye ,bye ,bye
It might be bad
It might be good
But it took important
It took our age
You got older
You looked older
The names may be changed
After saying boy
They say young
Or after saying young
They say guy
After saying guy
They saying old
The girl who saw last
And fell in love
When saw your sight
It looked at face
With petty look
As you became old
She called you uncle
Or may told grand
Grand what grand what
You looked very shame
If  you try to gaze
At her shinny face
And the big thing is that
When you try to say I love
She laugh at loud
And say one word
How the end of age
Meet the first of age
You felt inside
Those things which were done
Easy at the past
Became very hard
To be done
At these days
Your look becomes week
You are slow at walk
Your face covered with draw
Made by the age
But we must celebrate
The time comes with hope
The time comes with fun
Smile as you may get
New know at what
Saying beyond
But it may be near
The new year comes
The smile covers every face
The new year comes
The brain gets elegance
I knew something
It must be good
Pray to your god
As you still see
The new year here