The faces

The same is the faces
They do not changes in appearance
They have eyes
They have noses
Cheeks and lips
They say the same things
They say the same words
Happy New Year
Yes happy New Year
Said from hearts
From deep hearts
Or said as a courtesy
They said for happy
Was appeared and funny
But they said in honest
They want you in act
To live in life with happy
They buried their feelings
Deepest in hearts
They in fact change
Heart may be black
Even his face in white
His heart as the night
You can’t notice any kind
Its feeling is no kind
It carries bad feeling
It changes any thing
To get you doing
Awful, worst thing
To be remarked as the worst
His face can’t be changed
He says the same word
Happy New Year
The other is colored
It can be changed
To act with surrounding
It carries changed feeling
When their advancing
To be with that thing
They said with feeling
May be true or false
With the solid face
Happy New Year
The last is the best
It is the honest
It loves all
It wishes welfare
To life at all
It likes to see
The world is happy
It wishes from deeply
Best and happy
It must say
Happy New Year
It carries the happy
If you meet it
Don’t let it
Say from the deep
You are my honey
The year will be happy