The secret 7

Ayaman shouted "Gnahm! Gnahm!"
He continued and cried "all ran away. They let me alone!"
Fathi  said "why did they want one of us?  why did they take ayaman? Can we save him?"
Smith said "the Sirius star will expose directly and perpendicular to the biggest pyramid' hole. They exposed this rays by some substance rearranged and be new  .the death person got  a live for days and then dead"
Fathi said "good, so they got Ayman to reflex that rays!"he shouted "why did they take him?"
Smith said " he is the go between. They will take his right cells into the dead Mraton to get him and our hero Morabi into life"
Fathi said "My prayer of the prophet! That is mean Ayman will be killed"
Alan said "nno ,We must safe him 1"
Jack "let him to see what they do?"
Fathi said " a heart of stone, you  have a heart of stone . Let us make him die and we get entertainment"
Fathi ran forward the criminals "I will save him!"
They all called at him wait, we will catch him1"
They ran after him,who ran faster but he struck a huge body ran at the opposite direction who made him fell at the land .he stood with fear and said"whoooooo?"
He stopped and looked
He heard fathi .he was Ayman.
Aymn laughed and cried and so did fathi.
They embraced for long time between crying and laughing the others came and shared their happiness. "I was alone . I cried and shouted at you . I found no one. I stopped crying after thinking there no use of shouting or crying. I looked at them they circled around me and put me over a big table having strong rods by its sides and tied me by those. They came at me with big smile .heir smile was as the wolf smile .Their canines could be noticed. They talked aloud and then moved a little. They made a little circle between them putting their right and left at each others' shoulders. They prayed to some Gods and I looked at the chain .I moved my arm a little up. Then I could not lift it "he talked.
He continued and said" I tried again and so I got success  . he said "I crawled till I  became away, the night was my guide to disappear"