The despair 2

Come and till me
More about your love
She pushed him away
Saying”tell me and say”
He was crying, crying
He said” why don’t you
Let me throw mine
Let me let me
Damned you, you
You are awful mom
I’ll kill you
Then I’ll kill mine
That’s good for you
And mine”
The police car came and hurried
The officer stopped
She told him he is her son
And want to throw his
To get ride of that world”
The officer said
”do you want to arrest him?
Till we cured him”
She said “let us go home
And I will look after him”
He said “she is a liar
I am not her son”
She said ‘he got drunk
He said what he doesn't grasp”
He cried at loud”
She is a liar
Talking more in useless”
“So if you are faith
We will take you at once
And arrested her
And you will be caught
For hours, days or years”
The officer said in anger
He said “no, officer ‘please”
They were carried to his house
He entered and let her inside
He slept in deep with high sound
Of his snoring
That made her annoyed
And couldn't sleep
She waked up early
And he was also early
He said in annoying
“I don’t wake up early
I don’t water the garden
Or distribute the newspaper”
She said in anger”
What do you work?
All of them are better
At every thing and matter”
He said “it is not your business
Go out without late”
She said “at this speed
Without getting feed”
He said “what?”
She said “I am your guest.”
They ate and she said “
Not get these in order”
They are in bad manner”
He said “what? You had said
You will be out
After you had breakfast”
She said “yes
After getting things in order”
She said “now see me
What do you work?”
He said “out, out at loud!”
The officer was passing
He entered and greeted
He said ‘mom that son had annoyed
If he did, he will be arrested”