The despair 3

The officer said “I passed by yours
And said come to say my mom
We will consider every nut
Your son had caused
We will try to solve it
If you was annoyed”
He went away with that word
The guy was full of anger
He said “what will you want?’
She said “one demand!
I want stay for months
To search for a place
Can accept the refuse “
He said “months
Those great periods”
She said “so I will call that officer”
He said “no, that awful
I will accept you at all
For only that time”
She said “so, now search for a work”
He said “what work?
I don’t have a work
And I said I have no hope!”
She said “if you have no hope
Let yourself dead at good
Die as a rich
Best than poor
He said in laughter
“Means I will bury at the rosy
If I die having money
And I will bury at the muddy
If I die without money
Die means die
She said “hush, if I will live here
You must have enough money
To spend and live with happy!”
He said “happy for whom?
Do you know?
I have not any hope
I want to die at a moment”
She interrupted ‘so
Let me do money
To live without any misery
So let us think
What is the work?
Have you a dark”
He laughed and replied “
You will make a scene for horrible
You are completely suitable
Your shape, cloths and voice
You have a fear than ghosts”
She said “God, may forgive
Now, tell, have you a dark “
He said” what?”
She said” tell without late”
He said yes, small room
Can it be dark?”
She said “so, go to buy crow’s nest
We will plant it”
He said “awful, you will got bad”
She said “bad! It makes good
Go and I will show you”
He said “no I will not!”
She said “so I will buy it”
She went and returned
He decided not to open
But he saw before the window
The officer came and carried her bought
He opened the door with made
Smile at his solid face
He said “mom, welcome, again!”
The officer said “I saw her buying
When I was at mission to watching
Some criminals who were wanting
I decided to return after buying “
He said “oh! Criminals must be escaped!”
The officer “no, I stopped the scene
Till my return “
He said “what?”
The officer said “yes, she helped us
She put her stick
Under the boss’ leg
He fell to the earth
He was caught at once”
He said “and his fellows”
The officer said “she helped us
She stroke one of them
Over his head
He jumped as a mad
Every one thought her stick was blessed
They were surrendered”
He smiled with strong and said
“So you reached her”
The officer said “look! My son
If you annoyed her
You will get your deserve”
The officer went
She prepared the nest 
She said her order
The guy went
When he returned
He saw the home in order
He was astonished
He saw the lunch was made
He smiled in spite of his want
And said with great happy
By whom had the lunch been made?”