The despair

He came as a drunk
He limped and tottered
He talked indistinct
He said “I am the strongest
I have that world
The people are my slave
Ever day, the money I give
A lot of it, I can’t count
 I have many horses
The cars fill the horizon
 And I am the emperor”
He heard the a plaint
He stopped and looked
Thinking that as a ghost
Or it may be a giant
He walked slowly
He still tottered
He saw a ghost
He tried to run
He heard a female
He said that I want
He ran as he could
He approached, approached
He said “you are my want
We will spend time for love”
She said “I am old
I couldn’t do that
Let me alone
You’re like my son”
He said “you are my love
I will show you
How do you do that
We will go to home
And show you a site
Learning you the bright
Of doing love”
She said damned you
Damned your side
You are bad one
Like my son”
He said “let your son
Let us do it at once”
He stretched his arms
She screamed and bit him
He tried to get ride
He lately felt it
He screamed very loud
She left her stick
She hurt at his head
He tried to run
He fell to the land
He dropped static
She thought “he dead”
She carried water
She threw with fear
He moved tardily
She thanked her God
He opened his eyes
Saying “damned you my mom
Why do you do that?”
Why do you make me waked?
I wanted to forget
The world, the time, the love
The woman and the tough
Sex that makes us slave
It takes not gives
It teaches us the hate
How to kidnap the love
Even we don’t deserve”
She said oh “my son
You love. Let you
You may know
That may be good
For her and you”
He said “You say so
, I will go the river
To throw mine deeper
To get ride of that manner”
She said “so I will go with you
My son did with me
Like yours, do you know?”
He said “you loved your son!”
She said “damned you
I loved him as a mom”
She talked and went on
“He loved a lady
They wanted a place to stay
They searched every where
There is no way
, I let them live with me”
They lived in peace
She told him to evicted me
He told me we will go
For a trip at free place
And let me at house
Of old people as me
They still paid the money
Till they annoyed in a way
And stopped of a pay
Making the manger told me
To get out and be away
I got my bags
And stayed her for a day”
He said “you will come with me
To fall ourselves there
Come, come with me”
They went in a slow
And they stood at the wall
They are ready to throw
She said in sure
Let me say to you