the secret 2

Smith said "how can it be.
That was awful!
That was horrible!
I slept tired at night
I heard someone with bright
He said "get up at time"
Get up, do not be fright"
I thought, I was sick
I returned to sleep
I heard his sound again
I did not pay attention
The act repeated times
For several nights
Then he told me at loud
Take it at your mind
These names and remind
He told me four names
But I forgot so soon
He came again with frightened
And asking me the names
I had forgotten
I said "I remember all"
He said "tell me all"
In fact I forgot all
He said" I was mocked"
He hurt me hard
That I failed on land
Not knowing  I am died or alive
He woke me up
Repeated the same act
He came again
Asking again
I was hurt
Several times
Then he said
I will type it
At your hand
It was hurt
I woke up
With fear I got
I washed my hand
The writing was swept
He came again
He said "I will type it
At your hand
And at your chest
It will not vanished
Till you will end
Your emission to the land
It was so hurt
I asked" why am I in fact?
 He said as you are the historian"
He described the hotel
The type was so burned
That can't be changed"
Look ,look at my chest
They found the same thing
Alan said "but there are fourth
Names and we are three
There are a person held"
The heard one saying "high persons"
They looked at sound
He came with loud
Voice said with smile
I am Fathi from that
Old and important land
The calling came at night
Memorized me your shapes
He looked and gazed
Saying " you are smith from german
,Alan from France
 And jack from Britain
And I am Fathi from Egypt
I am important to complete 
Your hard emission as you want
I have the chart to go
He came and type it
Here at my chest and hand"
They were showed
He completed "it was so hard
He said that is the road
Go , go do not wait"
He continued "I type the chart
At that paper ,I had"
They looked at each others
Then said in brave manners
Let us go on
With the help of our lord"
They went to the land
After taking som transport
They waited for night
To be under the dark
Hanfi said "we want a help
To let us in"
He called for a person
Saying "aymn, aymn!"
There was silent at complete
Some one suddenly appeared
Covering his face with cloth
Except his eyes were appeared
He was so tall
That you can think
He will touch the star
His sound was loud
Making the heart feared
His shape made them feared
They went to run away
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