One day

That guy
Who is singer
Ascended at the stage
Talk about his advantage
His manner was changed
When he met her
He stood and try to begin
The song as it was done
He was on the steps
Of glory and advance
He must sing with sense
Of feeling of faith
But he saw her
Like the girl he imagine
Like the girl was drawn
By his heart
She wore a coat of wool
Her clothes was short
Her legs were long
White without any sign
Of sun and light spotting
On hers with bright and smart
His heart will be stopped
His ears will be heard
The scream of his heart
He decided to go away
She smiled as she was there
When the poetry was there
Written by him
 She smiled he obeyed
She nodded to begin
The musician would begin
When he gave his sign
He began the song
It was so long
He said  "I was there
Under the green tree
Growing its leaves
Complete and gives
The meaning of  life
She was there
Coming near and near
He saw her clear
"he stopped and gazed
At the sitting girl
He can't say a word
As he watched her deeply look
She nodded ,he returned
And returned the song
When she became near
The sun may disappear
As her light was clear
Enough to see her
Enough to see and share
His dancing heart
The flowers was opened
And then were closed
They couldn't actually bear
Her smell there
They couldn't bear
Her bright there                                       
The aura was strong
They were all knelt
As his heart knelt
To the sitting girl
Asking for making
His life happy
By giving a sight
Of her bright sight
She was as a light
Vanishing every dark
Making the hulk
Small as a stunt
She was as an aura
At hot weather of climate
Passing of angry and faced
The hot by her kind
She as the star
Guide the lost at night
Give the meaning of  bright
Calm to walkers at night
She was as a wave
Ordered the wild wave
To get its calm and rest                                                                  
Of  the wild sea's wave                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
She said their love will be appeared
Every one will know in clear
As they will be married
She was so happy
She sang in funny
She tried to fly
As the bird as the fly
But he did cry
Why did he cry?
To make the story life
The attendant wanted to know
What that hero would do
And why his tears grow
He wanted to escape
She looked was wide eye
Clear as the upper sky
Deep as the sea wide
Her head was  nodded 
He was accurately ordered
To complete the song
His said her relative has run
Toward them carrying a gun
He said awful girl
He shot at her heart
The blood was ascended
The blood covered the ground
The blood covered the stage
All one stood and escaped
Except one who approached
She sat beside him and knelt
Saying between her tears
I love you in spite of my fear
I love you with deep feel
I will follow you there
As my heart wasn't here
She caught her gun
Tried to make the gun
End her life at once
But she was stopped
By a strong hand and elegance
Appeared as he said
It was a turn I act
She hit him at his chest
They had then embraced
The hands were clapped