The sheriff's daughter

The welfare appeared
On her clothes and talk
Her cheeks were red
He steps as slow
As she was fat
She went with a food
The wild loin appeared
He said "I am hunger
I want to eat now
You know the hunger is bad
And it changes the moderate to bad"
She said "what do you want?"
He said "you are so fat
I will eat you without late"
She said "please, I don't get fault
And I will do good work!"
He said what will you do?"
She said" will give that food
To the manger of guards
Who reach  it to the a lot
Who need that foot"
He said "then go immediately
But when you return
I will take you in hurry"
When she returned
She found him waited
He roared in sound
Made the mount feared
He said "now come without late
I will cook some food
To make you good taste"
The sheriffs sent the sheep
To search for his daughter
The sheep lifted his sound
Loudest to hear all creatures
'Who found the sheriff's daughter
Please get her to the house
Of our govern with thanks"
The rabbit who filled with fears
Comes with vibrate voices
Saying "my dearest guard
I saw the wild lion
Take her at down"
He said "get to it with plain"
They went to the lion's home
The rabbit knocked at the door
He said "dear master!
Did you see the sheriff's daughter?"
He said "yes,
I will made her as a food
She will satisfy me for a period
Longer than any period"
The rabbit whispered
"do you want more fatter?
Come with me to her mother
It will sufficient for you longer"
He said "that good matter
Go with me speeder"
The rabbit walked in front
He tried to hide his fear
The lion followed at a moment
His proud was appeared
The rabbit knew that the farmers
Dig a big hole
Hide it with branches
And leaves of  trees
He walked around it
But the lion filled
With proud ,lift his head
And does not see under a feet
Walked direct and straight
He failed in the hole
The sheriff and guards
Hit him over his head
Then they want without late
To get the daughter at
Safe manner without late"