The secret

The dream came to him
"Get up ,get up"
He rubbed his eyes
The time is early
The night is fairly
He went to sleep again
The dream came in plain
Saying to him again
"get up ,without fear"
He rubbed his eyes
He looked everywhere
The time is so early
The might spreads fear
The dogs barked near
The steps were not there
The wind could be everywhere  
Every atom even smaller
In volume and power
Was listened near
He closed his eyes
He covered so will
He saw some Guys
Pulled him stronger
They said "get up dear!"
He got up with fear
He called his wife
She said "bad life
Since we came her
From that short travel
You see the same thing
What do you think?
What has happened?
You have the curse of a land!"
He looked in astonish
The speak had finished
He slept again
They said "get up sir!"
 To save our leader
He is the important person
At our strong empire
Get up please
And return in speed"
He got up quickly
He asked the airline
To booker a travel
To the good land
His wife shouted
"you will travel secondly
To meet that bronze surely
What makes you fall certainly
In love with that ugly
As she is bronze in away
I will be bronze surly
But stay her"
He pushed her away
He prepared his bags
She came at tag
Of bad temper
Saying in loud
"If you stepped out
I will shot you soon"
She caught a gun
She pointed at him
He stood with silent
The time passed as a thunder
He said in kind"
Dear lovely one
I am not that one
Who let down his love
You shared my life
In bad happens and good
You also give me the life
In its high meaning and rank
How can I let you down?!
You are my inner spirit
I will not return back
To bad life as attack
Of all thoughts and dark
Hunger and lost fork
Of all bad tings that shook
My life in a bad
My life was so black
How can I forget your hand
When you get me in a bad
How can I forget my heart
No way it is hard
Not for you but for my heart
To let you for the end
Come my girl
Put your head
At my chest
Listen and quite
What do you find?
It pumped with your name
Every drop saying love again
Love again
No one at that world
No one at my life
No one at my death
Like you in smart
I wake up at night
And look at your elegance
And said "how can that deer
Live with an ugly one
Like me that is awful
If you want to kill me
Do it fast
It will be wonderful
To death by your hand"
He cried and shacked
They hanged for time
Then she let him go
After asking where his way
He refused to respond
He travel to the land
And live at a hotel
Near the monument land
He saw there were clubs
Wake up even the bad weather
That appeared in life in a matter
Of unsafe
He asked the employer
"Why do those awaken
In spite of unsafe life?"
He laughed and said
"It is so easy
Some men who guard her
Are responsible for that manner!"
That is awful matter
He went to his room
He went to have food
When it became early
He found some foreigners
One looked with gazing
He approached and said
I am Allan from France"
And who are you master?"
He looked at anger
He said at a temper
Of bad and eager
To hurt and punish at faster
But the other came speeder
Saying "wait dear master
You are Allan from France
And you came with faster
As the dream call you louder
You are Smith from Germany
Who is investigator
And you Allan is the professor 
Of an old culture "
They said in loud
You made bad magic
To bring us her
In a worst matter  "
He said "wait ,wait
I saw the same dream
And not only dream
But he wrote your names
And also your countries
On my hand
They can't be swept
He called for a knife
He scorched his hand
The blood was running
But the write still there
He said and there
Look at my chest here"
They said but how it can be?'