The man who knew

He slept well
He had a bell
Ringing very well
Using to get up
His savants every morning
Saying at loud
The cock is up
Calling to work
If you do look
To be right in look
And you still sleep
The sun was high
Cutting the sky
Making it calm
And you still sleep
The birds is singing
With the good meaning
Invite you to be up
And you still sleep
The fishes swim
Getting some worms
Eating some of them
Playing with others
And you still sleep
The servants get up
They were very tired
They didn't sleep well
As they worked hard
Till the night approached to end
They asked him to sleep
He said it is bad
To sleep till the late
Of the day till its end
They got up angry
They decided something
To make him angry
,Think at them accurately
They made the cows run
Fast ,fast out of fun
They made them worked   
They let them not to rest
They made their best
To make the ships tired
They made them tired
They have not rest
They made the chickens flew
High ,high in the sky
Don't stop or go
But move and fly
They made the camels sad
Their shape got shape
Weak and so bad
They told the plants
To move with every wind
As the man had no mind
The man got up early
He waited to her the cock
But it was tired
He couldn't call in loud
He sty the sun light
Appeared with its bright
The sun was tired
From looking at the side
Of  the servants making
He waited to see  the cows
Calling for the feed
And water to eat
To drink and rest
He waited to see the plants
Moving with wind
They all were slept
He asked why
You don't wake up
And the sun does not up
There high in the sky
Why the birds don't fly
And the animals still in dive
Of dream and sleep
They all said we in fact
Tired from working all day long
He asked why
They said your servants' way
He dismissed all servants
And decided to work only
First day is good with clearly   
Doing at every way
But he slept tired
He got up when the monkey
Called at his early
With voice of loud and ugly
Ha hiih, ha ,hiih
He knew at finally
Let anything has a rest
To get from it its best
He still remember the advice
Coming to his ear with a nice
The man knew as an advise