Believe at your fate

Believe at your fate
Do not run to the absence
Don't say that is my date
That I waited for longer
It may not so elegance
It may be so bad
And you may cry at
That day you live at
There were two donkeys
Carrying the same volume
One carrying the sponges
Other carrying the salts
The sponge was so light
Making that donkey dancing
The other carrying the salts
Moving so slow and so bad
The first went here and there
Singing as a good singer
In spite of his ugly sound
He believed he had a sound
Smart and beauty in its amount
Highest in its value
He dancing as actor
He looking at the upper
He neglecting the other
He said" I ill compete you
I will reach faster
I will have my food
And return so earlier"
The other said "my honest
Please walk by my side
You are my nearly friend
Stay near at my sight
To give me that hope
To complete my walk"
The first say "No
I will not compete you
But I will compete that plane
Who cutting the liver of the cloud
I will reach in amount
Of speed making the ground
Compete of my legs scratching
 Her smoke in ugly movements
As I will move so fastest"
He did as a sound
Of a motor that was not found
And he ran and be as an absence
Of his friend at the house
Our another moved in slowly
Till he found that ugly
Branch of river in front
Of his eyes and sight
He hesitated at the first
Then he said "I will do the best
The honesty who conveys his load
Safely without any lost"
He crossed that river
The salts were melted
When he got up to another
Side of that river
He found the first move so slowly
He found himself moving freely
As his load was decreased
The melt dissolved in water
The other its load increased
As the sponge suck the water
The first urge his friend
To walk  by his side
As he is the best friend
He didn't answer or respond
He completed his road