The pigeons

The pigeons are sad
The pigeons saw that
The future comes with bad
The pigeons were telling that
The prophets born here
The prophet know that
It is the land of kind
, welfare and tied
The religions at that land
The assembly of religions
The peace between nations
Were established there
Here was the prophet David
Who the mounts the trees ,
The stones and  the birds,
Repeated his prays
He governed with justice
After him ,Solomon was gotten
He governed with justice
The welfare had increased
And the peace with there
The Romans occupied it
And the injustice appeared
The killing and the theft
Were actually increased
Here was born Jesus
Who invited to peace
At shortest and clear
That was not admired
By Romans or Jewish
Who were there
They planned to kill him
The land became unfair
The decreasing of welfare
The increasing of fear
Till the new nation appeared
The new religion increased
It called for justice
It led to peace
The Muslims achieved a victory
As they built a great glory
And they blockaded the land
The patriarch man said
We didn’t give the keys
Except to your leader
Who is justice’s famous
They wore one of soldiers
The smartest cloth
They introduced him
As the prince of Insurers
The greatest patriarchs said
That is not the man we did
Actually knew and have red
At our book that mentioned
Him actually as we saw awake
The leader of soldiers ordered
To sent a letter to the prince
At bright city wide distance
As he wanted to keep blood
Out of bleeding
He wanted not to kill
The innocent people
He didn’t want to bore
His name over death
His religion ordered them
To save the innocent people
To the caliph to came
The caliph and a servant  moved
From the kind and light city
He read the yassin of holy
Quran that equals twenty minutes
For riding the donkey
And his servants walks only
Then the caliph got off only
And the servant rode the donkey
And they read the yassin for away
To count and know time
And mention the God only
Then the caliph and servant  also
Walked with their donkey
To rest it also
They keep reading yassin only
Till they reached near the holy
City that mentioned with  holy
In Quran with great respect
The turn is on the servant  
To get rode that donkey
And the caliph would walk
He said my prince I must
Get down and you must
Ride that donkey
He said then I will be called
Injustice caliph led the insurers
To be injustice at every talkers
And it is your turn
If the air came to me smelt
With good smell than yours
If the water I drink
Have more delicious than yours
If I created from mud
Made of silver and gold
I will rode that animal
And you must go walker
Ride it my good insurer
The soldiers saw him
They did great clutter
They wanted to salute him
The patriarch said with amazed
See what is that noise?
He looked and said
That is him , that is him
The patriarch went and looked
He counted patch in his
The cloth of the greatest prince
Of the greatest Nation motioned
At the ancient, at the present
He said you are him
You are the caliph
Omar was the caliph
He gave them the safe deal
That mentioned by his name
The patriarch gave him the keys
Of  Jerusalem to him
The time for afternoon pray came
The caliph prayed out the church
The patriarch said
Why you didn’t pray at that
Place at the inner of the church
Omar said if I prayed here
The Muslims after that
Say Omar prayed here
And they take it
To be a mosque indeed