Try to change

ورود براقة
I will try to do
I will try to know
I will not be any guy
I will change and try        
To be advanced in high
Swim in the space and fly
High over sight in the sky
I will compete with the star
Be friend with them
Compete with strong
Have sweet tongue
To thank who is deserved
To be thanked as his effort
I will be good
Not good but the best
I will not be the worst
Not worst or bad
The world is changed
The characters go downed
The faith goes descended
Every one loves himself
Everyone demands his safe
The others goes to unsafe
The important is himself
I try to be not
One of that world
It seems to be awful
It is not wonderful
And the creatures are looser
I try to give a hand
To every one or needed
I try to help the old
Who wanted to be helped
I try to be smile
As the sun shines
Every morning every time
Without late at every guy
Even he is the ugly
In his faith at his time
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