The celebrate

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There was a celebrate
The attendance were happy
Except that guy
He wants to get money
To feed his babies
And get them some sweets
To eat to get funny
He faced the king
He said “give me your hand”
I want your help
My infant so young
And needs to eat
And some sorbets”
The king ordered
To give what he wanted
The food was collected
And the sorbet also was done
At this guy’s home
They were all sent
He returned against saying
These bottles wants to drink
The king said
“What are these?”
The guys said
“Those are the mother, bottle
And her daughter’s bottle”
He ordered
To give what he wanted
He returned a gain
With rows glasses bottles
He wanted get them drink
All at them as they needed
The king looked and said
What are these?”
The guy said
“These are the mother’s relatives”
The king said
He said give me two of these
And ordered to be put at ice
To get cold drink
Suitable for guys”
The bottles were crashed
The guy said
 “They are illegal relatives”
He ran as he could
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