there was a person

There was a person
Who had a deal to marry
His lover was so beauty
So one looked
He couldn't forget
He saved a lot of money
He went with  her in party
To have amuse and a deal
She asked him” one only 
Do you save money?
To have month of honey
At Paris ,London or with party
That celebrate by visiting history
Lands at Egypt as Luxor
We will say the land of history
Written by strong hands carry
The message to human only
No equals at the world as happy
And it is achieved by peace only
There was no way no matter
Except we love each other
To make our world wonder
He say “I am I afraid I can’t “
He didn’t complete “I can’t”
She said” we must separate immediately”
He argued her
He asked her
Every one argued her
Every one asked her
But she insisted
He went with frustrate
He decided to suicide
He thought by mind
No one loved him
No one waned him
He looked as the old horses
Those must be killed
When they are old
And have not job
Or work to be done
His leaves were descended
One leaf after one
And can’t be ascended by any one
She was like his wonderful dream
Came to calm him again
After long time of pain
 She is like his blood
Which moved to get is need
How could he end the life?
By throwing him self into land
From high building downward
,By drinking a strong poison
That makes him dead at once
Without any sound or pain
He remembered his face
Its color would be pale
The blue color would cover
Every inch every span
Of his dearest body
He thought of burning
It might cause paining
He decided at the end
To throw himself at the river
Where fishes could fill their body
Of eating him and chased away
Their hunger felling for a day
He returned a home
He collected his needs
He wrote his end words
By his tears and pains
He complained from her refuse
He usually used that cause
But she did indeed refused
He descended in hurry
He moved towards the bridge
Overt he rive as his knowledge
But he heard a moaning
“Help” she was saying
He moved towards the moaning
She was hide from raining
Which completely falling
He walked towards her
She was trembling of cold
He carried her to his home
He fed her and cured
He knew her good
She had a son and daughter
His son grew up    
He wanted to marry one
She agreed and let them
Live at her home
Her son got children
Her home became so tight
Her son carried  her
As a luggage without care
He threw her beside a building
And let her with cold facing
She was not only depressed
Not from that bad dealing
But also from his son forgetting
She waked up to care him
She waked up to cure him
She waked up to satisfy him
She waked up when he is absent
She can’t sleep when he is out
She can’t eat when he is upset
Then he forgot that
Why are we tensioned by that life?
Why are we run before it as a hope
Forget all relives ,forget friends
To achieve our dreams and demands
We made it as a hulk
It is ready to attack
Every one by its black
Heart and black eye
The mind guy
Who believe in God
Believe that is not aim
Or dream at all or hope
It is only life
Who threw her mother
Or let her in a matter
In worst at house for elder
To complete her life only
He might wish the sooner
Death came to take her
He didn't know in a way
That was stepped there
He may his same way
And what he deals actually
He will be dealt indeed
That person got up
To take care of her
She was cured completely
She argued him to go
To do his job and work
But she doesn't actually know
He had resigned of his job
He went away to do
What he did prepare and know
The old woman  want to order
His home to be in a matter
Of best and calm that person
She red a small paper suddenly
It was contained his intention
Of get ride himself accurately
She ran to the river
She saw him sinking
She called the help
He was indeed saved
He went to be cured
Of that shock ,was caused
After he was cured
He found a letter
Tell him returning work
He returned to his job
He found the guard saying
Thank your mother good
Your manager was argued”
He knew that old woman
Came and made his manager
Accepted his returning
On a day ,he smelt good scent
He entered with astonished
He found his lover
Waiting with great smile
He asked “what?”
The old woman interrupted
I told her your matter
And what you will be
At future
Now run to marry her
Why men lost their sight
When they see that smart?
They act as they are blind 
I swear if I were guy
I will marry her in away  
Of speed and hurry way
The loved girl said”
You will be the love’s attend
You will live with us
As the mother of love