The bad singer

There was a person
Sat at the garden
Sat sad and alone
Looking at the roses
It was one of roses
Moved towards him
Saying and tell him
What’s making the moon
Looking upset and sad
All the world equals that!”
He looked at her
Saying “do you talk me”
She said ,she said”
There must be guy
Sit beside me”
He laughed and looked shame
He said “ but I”
She interrupted” you are the one
You are the moon
Of that beauty garden”
He wanted to praise 
She said to him “why?
Why are you sad?
Why your matter is bad?
Who makes you grieves?
Who closes these roses?
Who tries to spread sadness?
He must be the ugly person
He” I am a singer
When I went to sing
I lost feeling and meaning
But I remember every word
The attendance hate me
They lisped by bad word
The producers hated me
They didn’t want to make me
Again as they thought I am frustrate
She said “sing!”
“What ?“ the guy answered
She repeated
He stood
Saying his song
She said “bad, bad”
You must have feeling
You must know meaning
And get it from your heart
Do as I do”
He began to sing
She do some movements
She was imitated
She said “now go and sing”
I will attend your party”
He went there
His turn came
He appeared on the stage
He remembered his failed
He remembered his gained
He remembered every undertaker
Refused to call him as a singer 
He remembered how he argued
The last one to introduce him
It was the last chance
He looked at the attendance
He didn’t see her
He felt with big fear
He tried to do a verse
He couldn’t open his mouth
The attendance yelled and cursed
Till he saw her entering
She stood moving
The movements as the verses
He did the same movements
The heat of the party increased
The attendance did as he did
The attendance wanted it more
He repeated it more
He became a famous star
She brought every party
She learnt him carefully
He imitated her very neatly
Till she disappeared suddenly
He stood in the stage
Waiting to her immersion
But she didn't come finally
He couldn't do sing
He went to ask about her
He know her home
He knew she was gone
"Dead ,dead that is bad
Why does the death take every wealth?
Why does the death take the best?
And leaves who does not worth?
To be in that life
Why did you death take her?
I love her , her ,her?
I would marry her
That was after the last party
Then peace on her
Sleep in tranquility"
He went to sing again
After the undertakers argued
He stood on the stage again
He remembered her shine
He remembered her smile
He remembered her hands
How move them to argue him
He remembered her moon
How did it guide him!
How did he bright his mind
And converts his dark to light!
He couldn't sing a word
Till he saw her spirit
Entered the hall
She moved as the past
She was imitated
Till the song is finished
He fell dead
His heart was carrying
The mounts of that world
Of sad and bad think
His river of life was stopped
His air was not blew up
His eyes was closed
Only her face up
At the sky moved up