The faith

You must not be somebody else
You must belong to that earth
You must not loose your faith
You must say with a truth
Forgive me my only wealth
God and his know is a wealth
That true to guide you to pass
Through difficult with peace
There were three guys
Ordered by their father
To know the best pass
The best way, the best order
To govern this kingdom in order
They travelled as they could everywhere
To collect news and gather
The best way to govern this land  
They were not working in band
Or tie but at different lands
The first found the most base
Is govern with justice
The second found the base 
Is to be nearest to the guys
Who are poor and need help
The third found the base
Is govern with share
The opinions to get the peace
Way to govern with hope
The father said that is good
But the important rule
Is govern also with faith
With your god that helps
You at every hard pass
Put the faith at your people
Say to them my God is thankful
To whom worked hard with faith
To get his land advanced and progressed
Work and pray
Work and say
Thanks you
My only God