They came

غداً تشرق الشمس
They came to my land
They said they are guests    
They all were welcome
I opened my home to stay
I opened my arms to welcome
And they indeed stay
They begun to threat me
They begun to get me
Out of my home
Out of my land
They called me
The terrorist
I was not that
I will not be that
But what?, what?
That is my land
That is my father land
That is my grandfather land
When they came at first
I showed them to my family
We were indeed very happy
My wife prepared to them food
My infants played with theirs
I was out on a day
I heard a lot of shots  
I came in fast
my neighbors ordered
Me not to go
I said I want to know
When I went at dark
I found my home was occupied
My wife and infants were killed
Their corps were torn
Who heard? who told?
My home was gone
Finally I immigrated
At the country of freedom
As they said
I met him “David”
My old guest
He came here to immigrate
To take his needs
To the promised land
I was ejected from it
He opened his hand 
To palm me by his hand
I refused I indeed refused
He got me out
He killed every one
Of my nation as he wanted
He showed them the refuse
And every cause
To achieve the peace
Is only from me
They took my land
My home was occupied
My family was killed
And they want
Me to agree
To agree and say
Viva Israel
Fell Palestine
أجيال من المقاومة - معاً على الطريق

حوارى يافا