do you believe?

Do you believe the insect?
Attack that ant
The ant ran as she could
Do you believe the rat?
Didn't fear of the cat
He fought him strongest
Did you remark that?
And how the cat ran fastest
Do you believe the cat?
Chassed the huge dog
Who is hiding in the fog
What you opinion in the frog?
Who led the boat in the fog
Experienced as old sailor
His assistances were the ants
Who were catching the rudder
Who were remarking
The way must be gone
 Did you remark the army?
Who consisted of the rabbits
Heavy weapons were being driving
Jet planes were being flying
Fastest than the light thunder
They put the plane
They shared in the fighting
The looser was the human
Who demanded the resort
From the kill and fight
Do you believe the snakes
Playing with the clouds
They flew up and high
They separated to two teams
One was crashing the clouds
The other was drinking the rains
The winner who was sustaining
Till the end of the round
Do you believe one sustained
Without sleep and still
Wake up for months