It will go

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It will go
If you stay,
If you leave
If you died
If you live
It will go
If you are important
If you are negligible
If you talk
If you shut up
If you work
If you suspend
It will go
If you are naked
If you are worn
If you are replete
If you are hunger
If you are thirsty
If you are hungry
It will go
If you are lover
If you are single
If you are admired
If you are hated
It will go
The life does not stop
By your act
The world is in fact
Does not wait
Your demand
It is not affect
By you failed
It is not happy
Bu your succeed
Live your time
Happy as you want
Don't get sad
Or loose you faith
The god by you site
If you obey
It will go
It will not stop
You will know
You loose your time
By being sad 
اضغط هنا لتكبير الصوره