the three fishes

صورة  كارت شكر متحركة
There were three fishes
Heard that the man will fish
Tomorrow morning before the rays
Of sun concentrate their power
And show their hate and anger
The first fish ran for safer
The second and the third forgot the matter
But they heard the voice of the fisher
They expected to be caught sooner
The second act as she is died
He caught it and turned lift and right
He thought she was completely died
He threw to water away and wide
She ran and could be escaped
The third tried to escape
The fisher saw it right
He went to her direct
And he caught it right
To escape from the danger
Considered it and ran faster
As the first fish did to be winner
Do Every thing first
Without wait without saying morning
Will get new power and new morning
The day is your day
The next may not be the day
You expect to do and gain 
صورة  كارت ترحيب وشمس متحركة