The fox comes

The fox comes, comes
Hr tries to steal
He hides before brushes
They were all green
The rat looks there
He found them sad
He said "what a bad!"
"Who makes them sad"
He wants to know
He decides to go
The fox prepares
If any one approaches
In second he will catch
And takes him to a house
To cook a good meal
The rat doesn't care
He walks as no danger
He does not look after
Any harm that may gain
When he asks the brushes
The fox suddenly appears
He catches with his nails
Sharpener and very tall
The rat says "oh! Master
You must be ill
With sleep and laziness
You must gain and feel
Hard time and pains
To cure your pains
You must cut all your nails
The fox says "you tell an advice
You say the truth"
The rat says" I say the truth
The rat cuts all fox' nails
He jumped with happy face
The fox wants to catch him
The rat laughs and says
If you loose your weapons
You will loose your dreams