What a sip?

 اضغط هنا لتكبير الصوره
She drank a sip
What a sip?
What she left?!
It must be a wealth
It must be converted
To be a wealth
 It must be used
To be a heal
The persons who are sick
The persons who are ill
It must be dear water
That evaporated to be clouds
And gain much amount
Of rains over any clouds
It must be used to cultivate
The poor land in easy method
Their gains will not usual plants
They will be as precious stones
If I could I got it
And keep it to get a wealth
By selling it to the demand
Or drink it to be very smart
But for my bad luck
She dropped it to the land
I ran, I shouted ,she gazed
With green eyes as good planned
Those are like experienced
Those kill with one look
She laughed, how she laughed?!
How can I bear that attack
I ran as beat
I ran as I could