The life is the compete

The life does not wait
Who takes the flag of its hand?
And leads it to the advanced?
The life knows only the effort
Who loves work who bears hard
Situations without weak or talk
Of his fate or his luck?
He doesn't know the word end
He doesn't know the frustrate
He does know the suicide word
He looks to the life as a book
Have different paper to read
If he has a success
He remember every step
He remind it very good
If he has bad luck
Or he is gained worst
He does not look sad
He turns this as the end
And begins another one
He considers it a new one
White and clear
He does his effort
To be at top
To return his rank
He works day and night
He rolls up his sleeves
His sweat appears and gives
The means of the hope
Must be known and spreaded