The Fear

صورة  قطرات ماء المطر متحركة
The fear always appears
To keep all creatures
If the weekend didn't feel
With danger and fear
He can be vanished at a moment
The rate has feared
He can be escaped
The fishes felt with fisher
They can mock ,escape faster
The wilds smelt the hunter'
By his sweat smell
They can't be trapped
If the pupil didn't fair
He will not success and fail
If the physician didn't fair
He can't take care of the ill
He does his effort to cure
He reads ,sees,  knows modern
Ways to dismiss the pain
Or decrease the hurt to the ill
If the engineer doesn't fear
He can't design or invent
The ways to easy and comfort
Fear of your future
To make it better and sweeter
The difference between the people
Who expects his future clear
And tries to make it act and fair
   صورة  تويتي وردة كرتون متحركة