Why do you seen quite?

Why do you seem quite?
Have you a lot of money?
Or have you a cultivate wide land?
Or have you a big car?
That travel for long and private
It attract every attendant .
Or have you a gorgeous woman?
That shines happy where she has gone
Makes you forget the troubles
Makes you  forget the dates
Say to me why are you  safe,
In spite you are very poor?
The poor is terrible.
The poor steals the hearts.
He sys without wait,
"I haven't money, but I have mind.
I faith with my God, that is right.
Tell me ,what does the rich man gain of money?"
The poor man seems very happy.
I want to show his fault.
I say "the rich man gets happy,
He can buy every thing even it was dearly"
He can marry an attractive woman
and get a smart son"
"if he says wrong  thing, all hear agree on"
If he want to marry everyone accept."
If he passes , everyone greet"
He said "if he lost one of his gains"
He may stay all night"
Count her money ,fear of come"
 He may forget his sleep,
He may lose his balance"
Pretty woman wants things that be valued"
Want money, jewels and things to be bright"
The fair of God is safe the faith is the time"
You will live in peace, you live in right."a