the prince

The prince
The prince as not a job or position .is not limited in places, the noble is character that may be borne with the man and it may be gotten by himself .the prince means spreads happy ,funny ,chased the poverty end the war end the hate .the green is in every where the dears is disappeared . the science is for help the people for rest ,happy and health
Foe example
There in big victory that Muslims had done in the first century of Islam .they beat  roman .the leader Abou Aubida Ibn Elgrah constrict Jerusalem and the patriarch refuse to give him the keys of the holy city and he said" I will give the keys to the Khalifa of Muslims ".as the distance between the capital of the govern and the holy city is very long and it will be difficult for Omar ibn elkhattab.
So Abu Abou  aubida decided to send a leader of his army to the great patriarch saying that  he is Omar ibn elkhattab the leader and Khalifa of Muslims as the way is long and it may be harmful to Omar ibn elkhattab. When the great patriarch saw this leader .He  said "no, This is not Omar ibn elkhattab "
The leaders were astonished and Abou Aubida Ibn Elgrah said "why? .How do you know?"
The patriarch said" we read in the our holy book in the Testament  that his cloths were choppy   and have several  patches on it and this leader has not this patches  .By the way it mentioned by numbers .they realized that no way of telling the Khalifa in el Madina el monora the govern city .It lies in Saudi kingdom" now
When the book reached to him ,he agreed as he refused the war principle to open this holy city as the war left bad memories and let a lot of blood runs on its holy land .so he decided to travel to the holy city. He took only the camel and his servant and the food and the water that are sufficient for this trip that it may take about month. the Khalifa parted the sit upon the camel between them .the camel the servant and himself "the Khalifa t"
As he was very fear he decided the time they will do it by reminder the "sorat yassin "in the holy Quraan ."The holy book for Muslims". First he sat on the camel and remind the sorrat and the servant walks. It takes about 20 minutes in reminding ,then he got down and the servant sat on the camel and the Khalifa  walked. then the servant and the khalifat walked and the camel also without no one sit on its back. they shared this all the road ,till they reached near the holy city and the turn is on the servant to sat on the camel and the Khalifa walked the servant said "no ,does not it occur ,you must get up and I will walk as you are the leader of all Muslims "
But the Khalifa of Muslims said" no it is for justice its your turn and what's matter about the people say ? its justice only justice"
When they walk they cross on the mud the servant wants to get down and the khalifat gets up to prevent the mud reach on the Khalifa's  feet. But Omar insisted to complete his turn as he rides the camel .when they reached the soldiers shouted to him t great him .when the patriarch looks at the window he knew  him and got there to give the keys to the walk man Omar Ibn Elkhattab"
                                                               The prince
After the battle was ended there was a man that give water to the thirsty and wounded people .When he was passed he heard someone said "water ,water!"
He went to him and to drink him ,when he lift his head and put the water bottle on his mouth ,they heard some one said" water , water!"
The first one refused to drink the water and said "go to my brother "his brother in religion" and give him the water. He may need it more me"
He went to another man and left his head and put the water bottle on his mouth but they heard another one said "water ,water ,I am thirsty"
So the second one said "go to my brother and give them the water as he may need it than me ,when he went to the third ,they heard another said "water ,water "
And the third did as the previous men did .so he went to the fifth man and when he will drink he heard the another one said "water ,water"
So the fifth did as the previous men did.
When he reached to the sixth one and lift his head ,he found him die ,so he in hurry went to the first and unfortunately found him also die, and he wet to the second and he also die .he found all men died without taste any drop of water .Every one prefer his brother than himself even when he saw the death come