the prince

The prince
The prince as not a job or position .is not limited in places, the noble is character that may be borne with the man and it may be gotten by himself .the prince means spreds happy ,funny ,chased the poverty end the war end the hate .the green is in every where the dessert is disappeared . the science is for help the people for rest ,happy and health
Foe example
There was man went to Mecca  to do  hag every year .when he intended to do this year and he arranged every thing for this holy trip,. when he walked ,he found woman search in a rubbish and found a dead duck. she took it he was astonished by this act he said to the woman "Why do you take this dead duck?"
She said "It is none of your business!"
The man said "with your all mercy God ,tell me"
She said "are you  scoffing of me ?"
He said "no ,with my God "
She said "I have orphan  children ,and I have no money to feed them ,so I took this dead duck and cooked it to feed them!"
He cried and said "you go for hag and let this woman and her children hunger , no no "
He said to the woman "wait ,wait for me "
She waited till he returned with a bag  of money and told her to take it
She refused but after his insists she did .
He went home and the travelers moved .he stayed in his land praying to his God
When the men who traveled to hag retuned ,they thanked him as he learned them and speak in religion lessons in every place in the holy land
He was astonished by hearing that .he didn't even leave his land.
But he heard the voice of heaven as he prevent the woman and her children from dying with hunger ,the God ordered angel to be as him in shape and face and do the haj as him .so he get the benefits of hag and helping the poor people