The most beautiful

The most beautiful
The virgins swam in the rivers
They took of all their cloths
I saw all the world coming with wild eyes
The clouds come from every spaces
The birds come from east and west
They were in hurry to see the most
Beautiful creatures on the earth
They were from great t distances
They were disappeared not to disturb the girls
I  disappeared behind the plants
My cloths wear as plant's color green
I moved my eyes towards them
I was sad because of my poverty.
I saw the branches bowing to drink
They might hear that they cured the sick
The sun went away from light and smart
It said I will go away as their beauty
Will change my light to dark
I thought that water moved to touch
To see their bodies to see the beauty
The birds sing a happy songs
They were whispering not to make them run
If I had  bottles ,I would gather the run
And sold them with high as they cured
They touched the beauty
That is enough in a say