The faith of omar

The faith of omar

In the after noon there was two great men sat on the ". they saw a man run after the camel in the hot weather shadow from thhot weather in Madina monora "the city of the prophet in 'Saudi kingdom now

They askedeach other "who is that man who get out to catch this camel in that hot weather ?


they called at him and they discovered that he was omar Ibn Elkhattab "the khalif of Muslim.the first one "Othman ibn affan" called at him "come and sty in shadow and send one of your men to catch it"

he said "no"

he chased it till he could return he could return it to the camel place.

He returned to the two men .the other man said "why did you run after this camel? .You can tell some of your servant to catch it!"

He says "I was afraid that it may be lost and it is from the gift camel that give to the poor people"

The first one said "you had tired who will govern the Muslims as Khalif"


when Omar gave his assurance to the Christian of Jerusalem the time of after noon pray came ,so the patriarch prepared the place to the Khalif to pray .after he became ready to enter in the pray ,he said "no ,I will not pray here "

"why?" said the patriarch.

"as aft er years Muslims will come and say here ,khalif prayed and we must is the principle and I afraid that Muslims may convert this church to mosque "

he kept and was fear of decreasing the rights of other even they were not Muslims