The imagination palace 18

The king thought he approached his aim
He made journeys at land
To get what must be sold
To be the richest
The plants were sad
The birds stopped singing
The rain was not ascended
The dark covered all land
The devil walked
The true king appeared
Wide, wide in the outmost land
 The birds were singing
The roses were shinning
And the trees got green
The guards were fainted
When they saw the king
They were learnt
The king got dead
They thought that was a ghost
They felt without movement
He took their weapons
And trained the people
They had to attack the guards
To take more guns
The true king trained them well
Tell the expecting point appeared
He walked in hide shape
He took the dark as curtain
He entered the palace
The guards had to see him
When he was seen
The guards screamed
They were fainted
The men who still awakened
Ran and screamed shuttered
The king walked
The feline minster
Heard the scream
He asked the awakened
Who still in worried
He heard them talking
About the ex-king
He gathered the guards
Walking in light movement
Trying to attack him
The true king had eyes
They told him about the danger
He waited till the bad minister approached
He arrested him in speed
The blown king was proud
He walked as the solid
He didn't look down
The true king and his friends
Made a big hole at land
Covering it with branches
The blown king was there
The faith men appeared
They struggled
The blown king ran
He passed over the hole
He was in at all
The true man returned
The justice said its word
The rain ascended
The roses opened
The birds sang
The smell was good
The plants good green
The universe was green
The king appeared''
I said," that is mean
There is useful pant
Which is useful
The other was harmful
My son laughed and said
"I will let birds
To stay and sing
They will get good care
The plants were green
And had useful things
They had good smell
To cover every inch
 I will do water fallen
To show that land is good