The imagination palace 20

The plant was happy
She sang in funny
Saying at clearly,"
I am so funny
No one can beat me
The sun respect me
The wind blows away
It can't look at me
The weather is moderate
The mount is wide
My land has guide
Every good will get by mine
I am strong enough
I am intelligent and tough
Who can touch me?
Who can approach me?"
The wind heard that
She blew very strong
She aimed that
The plant was lifted
She still laughed
She thought that
She is the strongest
Till she felt with harm
The root had pain
She asked for help
As she has no friend
She was gotten off
She cried a loud
She asked for help
The sun told the wind
To stop that storm
The wind closed her ears
She still blew hard
The sun shined strong
She told the cloud
To abstracted that wind
The cloud moved as amount
Of valuable shape
She had fat body
Her hair has cold
The wind got frozen
But the rest still blew
She was anger and downed
Her legs touched the land
She tried to lift the plant
Up, up at right
The mount stood
It got it slow
The tree hanged their arms
They stretched their hands
In song of immortal
They hold that plant
In brotherhood shape
They got her saved
She knew everything
Had useful job
The root is good
The stalk is good
The leaves has job
The branches are not bad
The world is good
If we live in it
Only by laugh
The boy said that
My garden must
Have plants to eat
Plants to decorate
And those had scent
The plants which are high
Making you thought
They will touch the sky
We asked, "And the carpet?"
He said, "It will be made
Of rosy and good decorate
Its material will be made
From good and strongest plants
Gathering with strongest strings
It will be stout enough
To prevent weather cold

When the weather will be hot