the imagination palace 21


It must have fresh pipe
Carrying cold water
And make spray droplets
Making the weather good
We asked, "How are the windows?"
He smiled and said,"
That is good question
The windows will be made
Of light ice
 To let the light in
And the ceiling will be made
Of heavy ice
To make the palace strong
It will be two floors
The roof will contain games
To enable me to paly
If the weather moderate
When it may be cold
Or the weather gets hot
One can play in
It will hanged by chain
The chain is thick and strong
The chain will be solid
And will not be rust
The palace will be rotate
By small motor up
When the weather is cold
It will rotate to face
The sun
Which gives us warm
When it is hot
We will emerged at cloud
To get the weather good"
We asked," How is the motor work!"
He looked with wide eyes
He said, "By power!"
I said,"
When the electricity is passed
At the coil
It gets temporary power
As magnetic power
That is surrounding coil
Will be rotate
The rotation is increased
To the coil no
Of its rotation cable
Around the magnetic heart
And it will be increased
According to
 The electricity passed
The rotation will be increased"
He said," that is good!"
We asked," the sun is hot
 How does it get
Its warm and light?”
 He said in fast,"
By reaction!"
We said," that is good"
We completed, 'What a reaction?"
He stretched her lips
He said, "I don't say!"
We said," Boy!
Get two matches
Rubs them strongest
What happens?"                                           

He said," naturally! Fire
The match will born
As the friction converts to heat
And the match was fired by heat"
We said, "that is good!'
Two nuclear were pushed
So strongest
They struck and got heat
They united in one
Only one
The heat enormous
Gets out with lights
Great lights that cross
Million distances
Till it get us
That occurs in sun
The earth was put in moderate
When it becomes nearer
Its heat increases
And the life will dismiss                         

When it is wider
The heat decreases
The life will freeze
So it is put in accurate"
We said, "Complete your desire!"
He said, "It is not desire!
It will be true
The palace will be above
The clouds and prove
That the life is not tough
The love will govern
The hate will be gone
I will put apparatus
That will look in the heart
And knows what it carries
If it carries hate
The apparatus will wheeze
And prevent him from pass
And if it carries love
It let him pass
The life is valuable
It deserves to live
And have every fun
That gives us the warm
Warmer than the sun
It gives us the calm
And happy that was not gone
The palace will be built
By hope, happy and love
The chain will made by love!"
We asked,' when will you build?"
He smiled and said, "Soon!"
My neighbor said, "Then transport
Its materials and contents"
He said with laugh
"So, you must transport above!"
We looked each other he ran fast
We ran after him
Trying to catch him!