Thev imigination npalace 19


We asked him 
"how do you get plant?
He said, "What?"
We said," plant?"
He said, "Oh, easy work
Water that
Growing after that"
My neighbor said,"
We put that plant
We watered it
It take its food
Mineral vitamins and drink
That water which contains all that
The seed getting two halves
It contains fetus
Having the contains of the plant"
He interrupted," what?"
We said, "What?"
My neighbor answered,"
Like the summary of subject
You do when you study hard
To fresh memory before exam
The plant watered
The seed grows into two ways
One down called "root"
 Other up called leave
When leave gets up
The stalk grows up
After the leaf leads it
As it is growing up
Making the branch appeared
The leave has benefits,
One takes air
To get food and power
As oxygen gives force
By burning food
That is absorbed by leaf
And used it photo building
And get harmful gas
Out from the plant
As carbon dioxide at night
And steam from converting
Food into force
Second it absorbs light
To help in convert the food
And growing the plant up
And used to get out
Harmful gases out
At last it gives the beauty shape
And increases hope
It converted into roses
To get over frustrate
The root is downing
As the plant is growing
When the plant grows
The root grows
The stalk grows up
The root grows down  
It takes water and food
And send them up
It sustain the plant
The high date
Needs downed root
The strongest plant
Must have the strongest
And also long root
The stalk has benefits
It carries branches and leaf
It transport food and water
To convert into useful power
And distribute it down
It stands against wind
The plant is known by circles
When one cut the stalk
He get circles
By those he can calculate
The age of the plant
Another to calculate that
The plant is the guide
To profit that the creator
Has great force
And is able to make every good
The best thing gets from him
The worst gets from us
It reminded me with that
Proud plant that said
I am strongest enough
To fight every tough
The enemy will be broken
The insects will be run