The lovers

That may be occurred
Or mayn't be occurred
She always came to him
She always called at him
When the night  tended 
To leave and collected his wants
As an old guy didn't want to stay
As  he experienced every care
He tried to dare
The fate with care
With colors with operated
It was no useless
It was hopeless
She came like a hero
To achieve a big battle
To get a victory
Everyone will know
Her face like a moon
In its fully bright
She came with light
Talked with whisper
Get up ,get up
And pray to your God
He got up with happy
He washed and prayed
Then go to to pary
The sun set pray
At day ,he telephoned her
She talked at every thing
At night he went to visit her
They stayed looked at each other
Without talk or speak
They looked with smile
They did as they wanted
To keep in mind their faces
Or to increase their love in heart
Deep ,deep indeed
Then she was disappeared
She answered her God's call
She was dead
He lost his faith
His shape was changed
He looked very old
Than his age
His hair was not  cut
His clothes was not prepared
He had a great shock
He lost her self
Till she came to him
At night and said
You must  pray to the God
You must return your faith
As your worth to get
The high level in paradise
There, we will met  with wealth
We deserved ,we get worth
To meet with great happy
There is rivers every where
The mention of God as melody
The roses prepared in harmony
Of good ordered and best way
Every corps you dream there
 Get up ,get up again
He returned to pray
He returned to work
He refused to marry
He thought  there was only
One woman who is there
Who she is deserved to
Wait his life for her