She comes truly after late

She comes truly after late
She is suddenly appeared
She smiled and faced
All her lovers and said
I come to make
My days look
Fare and good
Don’t look to the past
My sister has left
Bad memorized
I will do change
By the help of heart
Carrying best think,
Come and celebrate
Happy new year
I must say
You must say
The year is new
I will be new
At every thought
The worst will be gone
The best will be done
The devil will disappear
The angel cover the way
Smile and say
Happy new year
Don’t forget
The boy appeared
At bad look
He lost his mother
Or search for father
That may be away
Help that poor
Give your hand
The boy is lost
Having no home
Return him again
By justice by good
All he will again
Return to home again
The God has said
Help every weak