The prophet at the feast

The is was a feast
The prophet walked
The children were happy
They played with toys
They competed in races
They wore new clothes
Except that one
Who stayed alone
His clothes were torn
His shape was bad
And he looked sad
The prophet approached
Saying with merciful
Voice and sound
“Why are you sad”
The boy cried and said
“I have no money
I have no toys
My clothes were old
My stepfather dismissed
I have no house”
The prophet said
With happy and cheerful
“Welcome my beautiful
Don’t be sad
Do you surly accept
A new father
And  also mother
Do you accept
Me to be your father
And my wife
Be only your mother’
The boy said yes
With happy and cheer
He went with the prophet
To his house
He looked at his wife
Which washed him
His clothes were changed
He took money
She said “go and play
Till you get hunger
Return a home her”
The  boy got happy
And his sad was away