Get off , get ff
You must run
And do not turn
Your face right or left
You will competitor
With another people
Who wants to replace?
You must be at the sight
To be the first
That will be chosen
The fire is gotten
Who could catch that one?
That runs in fast
You must be at his speed
To your shoulder by its
To make the neck by neck
To be that one
Who will be adequate?
To be that look at
His legs as he run
They do not settle
On that earth
They only touch to be pushed
He can fly
To catch, you must fly
To fly, you must train
And do your effort
Do it with your best
Make your heart to beat a lot
To push more blood
Wide your veins
To bear that pressure
You lungs must wide
To get more air
That is important
 To get it to be reach
 Of air in your veins
How is the win?
How is the first?
Do you examine
To be the first?
What is the feeling
When you called the first?