do not give up

Don't gave up!
Don't never stop!
Or don't be tough!
Or loose your faith at your self!
If your love let you
And go to another one
If your love hate you
And says she doesn't bear you
If you loose your job
And become idle without hope
If your manager said in loud
Without hestitate you are frustant
If you cultivate a land
, wait for gathering the corps
And you are shocked by burn
Fire burned every planet
If you loose your worth
And have no reason to talk
So you hate the others
And you decide to sucide
You must wait to see
What has the God done?
And the things you had given
You without your demand?
He gives you that air
That necessary to live and breath
See, hear ,walk and travel by planes
Riding ships through the sees
You are gotten the water that worth
Its weight like pearls
It is essential for life
If you die in that moment
You will make you enemy happy
They said he deserved to be away
In grave and be a reminder for awhile
Your love may live happy
And forget you as you are away
Your money may return to your relatives
They took it without grateful
They said they took it as they deserve
And you are a thief of big thieves
Your land may get many corps
And brings more planets and worth
You may get another job
That may achieve your want and hope
Your manager may be died or fired
And you may get his job
You must deal with justice
Great money makes you rich
But hearts don't rich
To what they love and want
If you have a look
Surely the fate has wide
If you see a thing
The fate sees it clearest
If you face aproblem
Think it has not any solve
The fate may has easy solve
You must not fear of time
He may gave you his smile
And see every thing smile
And get your hope
For ever not for a while