the jusice of God

When the boy appears

The wild animal was there

Every one has gotten fear

Except our hero who there

He saw him stood

Cutting the walk and the road

He said "now! I could

Knowing who says

True and who tells false"

He caught the stone and said

"in the name of the God

That the monastic worships"

He threw the stone at it

The wild has gotten dead

He knew that monastic told

The truth in his speech and word

He met him after while

And told him in obvious

"My boy you have got degree in faith

High rank than mine

And you will be examined

If you got that, don't say about mine"

There was a paralyze person and blind

Who was relative to that one

Who governed without justice

Who governed with in equity"

He met that boy

He asked him to be cured

And he will gave him what he demand

The boy said I demand one thing

That you must worship your God