want to read?

I don' want to read I don' want to write
I don't want to tell that old story
That had been mentioned every moment
The boy met that is smart
He loved her and she did
They had a deal to be married
All people had known that
But that man who is smart
He is not only smart but he had
A lot of money to get what he wants
He demanded her ,her parent agreed
Our hero had gone ,our hero had vanished
That old story had been finished
The papers must be torn ,the tongues must be silent
You must not read you must not write
The man who wants to convert the land
From yellow to black ,from poor to get planets
He began his job ,he faced the land
When he succeeded, when the corps were appeared
The minister took it and had told
The president that he did his hard
To make that land virgin, not to be old
The man hate all people he immigrate abroad
The papers must be torn ,the stories must be buried
There was a hero
Who converts the dream
To the light ,to be appeared
To transport his country to be advanced
He was accused, he was imprisoned
The accused was the topple of the govern
He could be escaped, he could run
The tongues must be silent, the papers must be torn