The time is run

The time is run
I can't catch or get
When I get a fun
I saw him laugh
Laugh at me, laughs at you
He tells as sun
Bright in come
I will go away
Who will try
To be near or competitor
The answer will come
If you want to win
You must speeder than him
Who will face the train?
Who will win
The competition when it is done?
Do what you want in speed
Make your dream appears at once
Do not pay attention to bad one!
Who wants to destroy ,
Who wants to make bad one
 Ask yourself
Why do you loose your time?
He worthies to take care
He worthies to be feared
As he will be soon lost
Who will return, as he passed?
The time is your age
Goes not only in minutes
But it goes also in seconds
You must obey
The orders of your god
You must not waste your age
In playing or doing a weak things